Saturday, 9 January 2021

Slush Glacier 2: The Slushening

 Slush Pile Stuff, Go:

  1. A setting that’s two mirrored version of the same timelines. Meet your counterparts in the other realm. Two realms, one pantheon. 
  2. Large, round, floofy birds that can inflict paralysis with a magical glare.
  3. Entire society of immoral immortals driving fast cars.
  4. Four Immortals wander the Land Below: Atylia, The Herald of the Sun, Lyontu, The Minstrel of the Moon, Vydene. The Scribe of the Stars, and Gargavion, The Knight of Void. They’re exiled from the Astral Realm of Firmament, far above even the World. 
  5. Following on from the above, the World is ruled by The Glimmering King, a Sun-Spirit descended from Firmament. 
  6. Blue Man of the Minch, serial killing in waterside karaoke events, killing the worst singer. Cop with the Voice of an Angel.
  7. First Colony on Mars is a Penal Colony. 
  8. A whole continent hidden behind a giant storm in a medieval fantasy world with like, trains and guns. South polar. 
  9. A flying continent riven with mines and blessed with an eternal breeze. 
  10. Hobgoblins with steampunk/magitek mini-mechs. 
  11. A fantasy world where the lost treasures of the past include like, radios, electricity and computers, alongside powerful magic. Post magi-nuking. Final Fantasy + Mad Max, in a sense. Post-apocalyptic. 
  12. The Thri-Kreen Clans of the Mantidar Desert are famed for their chronomancy. 
  13. Magic crystals/sand that form in the bodies of magical creatures, necessitating their hunting.
  14. The Outer Wilderness, where the Dog-Kings and Eyeless Men rule. 
  15. Some evil fuckin psychic egg. Sits in a temple on a wrack-covered island and directs legions of grey-cloaked thugs and magic eating serpents. 
  16. The Elves are a little pissed off because the Snailfolk have taken over the ruins of their ancient capital, and all the elegant swordselfship in the world can’t move a half-ton regenerating snailkin. 
  17. The Drow are, like all elves, blue, and descend from an Elven army that tried to colonise the Underworld 900 years ago - and succeeded. Their capital, Ytax, used to be the city of the Gods of the Underworld, but they Drow killed half of them and subjugated the rest. 
  18. An ancient, powerful ghost that’s paid in coin and magic to defend an underground entrance to a great city. 
  19. Giant Shimmering Sea Toads. Magic resistant, thick-skinned and large. 
  20. A privately owned prison created to feed a Misery-Spirit. 


  1. Fun ideas, I wonder what you'd get if you put everyone's slush piles into one of those neural net whatsits

    1. that's actually a great idea. distilled idea juice