Wednesday 20 April 2022

Loch and Phlox Present: Reptiles of the Mind (Class: Lizard)

A collaboration with the inimitable Phlox.

You're just a funny little lizard guy. For now. Someday, you'll be a funny big lizard guy. 


A - Taste the Air, Scrabbling, Regrow Limbs, Change Colours

B -Tough Ol’ Scales, Sense Unusual Construction

C - Spooky Lookin’, Squirt Blood OR Wing Flaps

D - Death Roll, Run on Water Longer OR camouflage 

Taste the Air
At level 1, you have a 3-in-6 chance to taste the air to sense heat or movement of the air, -1 for every 20 feet away (if you fail due to distance, retain the roll and gradually undo the penalty if you get closer, rather than rerolling each time). For each further level, get +1.

At level 1, you have a 3-in-6 chance to quickly scrabble through narrow spaces, -1 to scrabble up sheer surfaces or across no more than 20 feet of still water. For each further level, get +1.

Regrow Limb
You can regrow lost appendages with a season of downtime and plentiful food, or half that to regrow a lost detachable tail. At Level 2, the time decreases to a month, at Level 3 to a week, and at Level 4, to a day

Change Colors
Your scales can change color with effort or based on your mood. This has no mechanical effect but is a neat trick.

Tough Ol’ Scales
You may choose for a harm to just scrape off some scales and deal half damage. You must do two of: rest for a full day, eat a full meal or apply rare lizard medicine before you can use this ability again.

Sense Unusual Construction
When underground or in a building, you can take a moment to look in different directions and shift your weight around. This tells when there's subtle inclines, hollows in the floor, non-euclidean trickery, and other things by the DM's discretion.

Spooky Lookin’
You can choose to turn a positive or neutral reaction roll from "friendly" to "scared"

Wing Flaps
With a moment to prepare, you can glide horizontally for double the distance you would have otherwise fallen, so long as there is space to do so. You can reduce by half the damage from sudden falls, or falls in areas without space to glide.

Squirt Blood
Spend 1 HP to shoot blood from your eyes, blinding someone within ten feet of you until they take a round to rub the blood from their eyes. They get a save unless they're grappling you.

Death Roll
If you start the round grappling someone, you can spend your turn in a death roll. They save vs death, getting shredded to death on a failed save and taking 1d6 damage on a successful save.

Run on Water Longer
You can run on water for as long as you want as long as you don't slow down

When standing still or moving slowly, you can be totally invisible from a particular direction.