Friday 19 March 2021

GLOGscape Wizard - The Night Hag


You either are, or were taught by, one of the ancient Night Hags of the Lower Planes.


  • You start with a Heartstone, a shiny black gem made from carbonised Larvae (metamorphosed souls).
  • You can ‘store’ a Magic Dice in a large cauldron, which you can use later, in any spell cast when touching the cauldron. You accomplish this by bleeding into the cauldron - the blood so spilled glows a fiery orange and issues stinking smoke. 


  • You cannot cast without either a Heartstone, or a large cauldron nearby. If you attempt to, you instead take 2d6 Damage as your skin splits and burns in the shape of Hadean runes. 
  • Holy water burns you like acid. 


1.      Learn how much of a creature's natural lifespan is remaining, in years. Circumstance, such as murder, ascension to lichdom, apotheosis, etc. can alter your prediction. 

2.      Change your face to any face you’ve seen. (Not the rest of your body).  

3.      Identify any poison by smell alone.


1.      Fires of Transformation

R: touch T: your hands D: [sum] rounds

Your hands flare with cyan-black Hellfire. You can exert great heat and pressure with your flaming hands, and can undertake a number of arcane processes, allowing you to:
- Turn wood into coal.
- Turn stone into iron.
- Turn gold into soot.
- Leave indelible, glowing marks with your fingertips.
- Deal [Sum]+[Dice] damage to a creature, with an attack roll, upon which the spell ends.
- Compress a Larva into a Heartstone.

2.      Enfeeble

R: 10’ T: Creature D: [dice] Hours

A target that fails a save loses [sum] points from their strength score, becoming sickly and shrivelled. If this reduces their strength to 0, they can’t move at all for the duration of the spell.  


3.      Extract

R: Touch T: Creature D: Permanent

You extract [dice] feelings, memories, emotions or ideas from a creature, and bottle them.  An unwilling creature can saveThe missing thought, memory, idea, or emotion regrows over [sum] days, unless you used four or more Dice to cast Extract, then it’s permanent. Anyone that drinks the liquid in the bottle will immediately gain that feeling, memory, emotion or idea for [sum] days, or permanently if you used four Dice.


4.      Night Terrors

R: Same Plane T: Sleeping Creature D: [Dice] Nights.

A sleeping creature of your choice is terrorised by screaming nightmares, awakening bruised and bloody. They take [sum]/[dice] damage each night, and gain no benefits from the rest. Creatures killed by this spell suffer a heart attack.


5.      Hag’s Eye

R: Touch T: An Eyeball D: Permanent

    You touch an eyeball, turning it glassy. At any time, you may expend MD to look through any eyeballs you’ve affected with this spell. You can look through up to [dice] eyeballs at once, but must shut your own eyes to do so. This sight lasts for [sum] rounds. The eyeball will never decay if afflicted with this spell, and can be anywhere – in a head or not.


6.      Hellhound Pack

R: Within Shouting Distance T: Any Open Fire, Furnace or Crucible D: [Dice] days.

            You summon [dice] huge, sleek 1HD Hellhounds with smoking jaws and glowing eyes. They’re perfectly loyal, albeit no more intelligent or talkative than an ordinary dog. Their bites deal 1d6 Damage, and they can perfectly track a creature by scent if you have an item that belonged to that creature. Your Hellhounds are terrifying and vicious with everyone except you – with you, they are friendly and protective.  


7.      Hordlings

R: Within Shouting Distance T: Any Patch of Soil, Mud or Shit D: [Dice] days.

            You summon a chittering mass of [sum] 1HD Hordlings, which boil up from the target area and chitter-chatter around. They’re small, mutable fiends, entirely loyal and quite chatty, but tragically stupid, comically greedy and totally cowardly.

They can accomplish anything that [sum] idiots could accomplish in [dice] days.

One of the Hordlings is their Boss, with 2HD, and [dice] of the following adjectives, your choice:
- Tough, +1 HD

- Flying 
- Invisible
- Booming Voice
- Brave, the Boss will actually fight, unlike the other Hordlings.


8.      Grandmother’s Iron Sword

R: Self T: Your dominant hand. D: Permanent until MD reclaimed.

            They say the eldest three Hags, Malagard, Zhelamiss, and Cegilune, each wielded an impossibly heavy longsword made only of beaten black iron. This spell summons an aspect of one such blade by investing MD – the MD do not return until you dismiss the sword.

The blade is ridiculously heavy, except when it is held in your hand, upon which it’s the weight of a normal sword. Use it for anything a very heavy metal weight is useful for.

Furthermore, it’s a magic sword, with +[dice] to hit and damage.

When you dismiss the sword, it explodes into a cloud of rust and flies, and the invested MD return to your pool.  


9.      Ethereal Passage

R: Touch T: [dice] creatures D: [Dice] hours  

            Target creatures become as ghosts, faintly visible but totally unable to interact with the world around them. Unwilling creatures can make a save. Ethereal creatures can move in three dimensions. Being inside an object when the etherealness ends causes you to be shunted to the nearest free space and take damage as if you’d fallen that distance.


10.   Cloak of Flies

R: Touch T: A Creature D: [Sum] rounds

            For the duration, the target creature is completely surrounded by a buzzing mass of fiendish flies. Unwilling creatures get a save. The cloud of insects also covers anyone adjacent to the creature. Anyone in the cloud that the Hag considers an enemy takes [dice] damage each round they remain in it. Water, a strong breeze, or a particularly loud noise will disperse the flies.


11.   Summon Yugoloth

R: Within Shouting Distance T: A Door, Gateway or Opening. D: [Dice] days.

You summon a mercenary Yugoloth of [Dice] HD, who will undertake tasks such as murder, robbery, cleaning, or standing there holding the ingredients while you brew, so long as you can pay it [sum] pieces of gold. The Yugoloth has 2 attacks per round, which each deal 1d6+[Dice] damage.

Yugoloths with 2 HD or more are capable of telepathy.
Yugoloths with 3 HD or more are capable of flight.
Yugoloths with 4 HD or more can cast one the following spells. They have [HD-3] Magic Dice:
1. Telekinesis, 2. Flesh to Gold, 3. Fireball, 4. Summon Yugoloth


12.   Soul Bag

R: 100’  T: Dying or Recently Deceased Creature D: Permanent

By expending an MD, you may catch the soul of a dying or recently deceased (within the last minute) creature and trap it in a bag. It is now stored in that bag indefinitely, and remains so until you use it. You can choose to:

  • Make it into a Larvae (huge grub with a human face) which you can question, sell on to other Night Hags, or use for Fires of Transformation.
  • Drink it to add 10 years to your lifespan and gain +1 Max HP.
  • Or burn it to add +1 MD to any spell you can see being cast.  

A soul bag takes up an inventory slot.



1.      MD only return to your pool on a 1 for 24 hours

2.      Take 1d6 damage as smoky shadows lash at your flesh.

3.      Random mutation for 1d6 rounds, then make a save. Permanent if you fail.

4.      Blind for 1d6 rounds. Smoke pours from your eyes.

5.      Agony for 1d6 rounds. Smoke boils up from your skin.

6.      Vomiting for 1d6 rounds. Smoke in your innards.



The First Doom of the Hag: Dally Not with Hell
For the next 24 hours, all fiends, including your Hellhounds, Hordlings and Yugoloth, are hostile to you.

The Second Doom of the Hag: Blood Boils Up from The Pit
For the next week, all fiends, including your Hellhounds, Hordlings and Yugoloth, are hostile to you. At the end of the week, a 6HD Nycaloth comes and attempts to drag you back to Hades to face trial in front of an unknown master.  

The Third Doom of the Hag: Just Rewards
Fiends are all permanently hostile to you. Very soon, a 12HD Baernaloth will come to drag you to Hades for meddling in powers beyond your ken.

 You can avert your final doom by killing a Baernaloth, or by consuming the heart of an Obyrith, ancient, near extinct paleodemons found the depths of the Abyss.

Tuesday 2 March 2021

d6x6 Automatic Infantry

Inspired by the generatiors of the cursed and ineffable Semiurge.


One thing I have wholesale nicked from Eberron is a giant, magic powered WW1 equivalent.

My Warforged equivalent, the Daedali, were around before, but their history is inextricable from the War of the Ruins due to their en-masse conscription, and the building of Daedali factories for Built to Order soldiers. 

They were exclusively employed by the Eastern Federation forces (the Nevechi cities) against the Coalition forces (the Zymani and Surammar cities, plus the Nevechi city of Tindav). 

A unit of Daedali would be referred to as ‘Automatic Infantry’, in military jargon. 

Here’s some Daedali that are still fighting, out in Zymech’s torn and haunted fields. Fighting who? Who knows: 


Here's the lists used in the generator:

Unit Quirk:

  1. The commander of this unit wears the skull of the unit's former human sergeant around their neck. They heard about the Daedalus Uprising and took their chance.
  2. This unit aren't wearing Federation uniforms, but Coalition ones. It's a long story. 
  3. This unit ride the short-lived 'autohorses' - unstable mechanical horses with only the most rudimentary construct intelligence, and terrible balance.
  4. This unit all ride around in a military autocar. They come barrelling out the door like a clown-car.
  5. Individual unit members have necklaces of rotten ears and fingers.
  6. Members all wear extremely gauche hats they found. They talk in imitation of high society.

Unit Role:
  1. Paratroopers - Inbuilt Feather Fall spell.
  2. Infiltrators - Inbuilt Disguise Self spell.
  3. Shock Troopers - Inbuilt Fear spell.
  4. Frontliners - Inbuilt Scorching Ray spell. 
  5. Base Guards - Inbuilt Alarm spell.
  6. Commandos - Inbuilt Invisibility spell.

Unit Symbol:
  1. Golden gear on a red shield.
  2. Silver knife crossed by a golden rifle.
  3. Human skull with a black gear in the background.
  4. White triangle on a red square.
  5. Silver horse on a black pentagon.
  6. Three interlocking white gears.

Unique Armaments:
  1. Hexers - Rifles that fire necrotic bolts.
  2. Tzows - Unstable 'rifles' that fire force bolts.
  3. Magic swords - mass produced, no specific bonuses beyond bypassing resistances.
  4. Crableg Cannon - Heavy war construct with six segmented legs and a vis-cannon. About as smart as a dog, and treated like a family pet by the unit.
  5. Clatter Grenades - Banned grenades designed to burst eardrums and deafen permanently.
  6. Hunter Shard - Just one, in a sealed case. A long, very sharp sliver of enchanted metal. Seeks someone out and attempts to fly into their heart and kill them.

Unit Commander:
  1. Hammer Five - Boisterous. Old model blank faceplate. Built before the War and conscripted. This is his fifth body.
  2. Scrap - Suffers from PTSD. Hates violence, but doesn't trust the world enough to put down their gun. Built To Order for the battlefields.
  3. Wisdom Everlasting - Kind, friendly. Faceplate mangled off by shrapnel, revealing metallic 'skull' underneath. Part of the First Generation, personally constructed by Dalus of Athrun himself.
  4. Lost Boots - Built before the War. Uncanny valley human face-plate, polished to a mirror sheen. Quite vain, very neat uniform. Comedian and crack shot.
  5. Grenadier - Screaming engine of destruction. Demands combat - if his unit are friendly, they might literally hold him back. Uses two swords and no gun. Unique demon face plate. Built to Order. 
  6. The Infernal Engine - Wears a black oilskin cowl. Origin unclear. Faceplate lit from behind by Hellfire. Has a number of Hellpacts - a chuckling imp lounges on his shoulder. Wants to destroy the city of Nethelos.

Why are they still fighting?:
  1. Daedali are built for war. It would be unholy to do anything else.
  2. There's a new war on: The War of Daedali Liberation.
  3. Not much else to do, is there?
  4. Commander has a mad vendetta.
  5. Objective from the war remains incomplete. Task-fulfilment stubbornness keeps them fighting.
  6. War hasn't ended, truce or no. This is a view shared by many 'organics', funnily enough.