Friday, 16 April 2021

Stolen by Bats (Stats, Class List & The Monster Hunter)

Stolen by Bats is an unformed idea I've had for a GLOGhack based on Failbetter Games' Fallen London (and linked games Sunless Sea and Sunless Skies). 

All I know about it are the stats:

Iron: Confront and overpower.
Mirrors: Investigate and discern. 
Veils: Deceive and misdirect
Pages: Understand and control. 
Hearts: Convince and endure.

The class list: 

Correspondent - Criticize, Analyze and Deconstuct the Eldritch and Mundane
Crooked-Cross – Manipulative Cleric of the Counter Church, Ordained by Devils
Licentiate – Killers, Possessors of Strange Lists, Hunted by Would-be Successors.
Midnighter – Faceless Agent and Spymaster, a Skilled Player of the Great Game 
Monster-Hunter – Hunter and Killer of the Neath's Deadliest Denizens.
Silverer –  Cultish Figure, an Explorer of The Dreamworld of Parabola (No Relation) 
Zee Captain – Explorer, Zailor, Hoarder of Treasures - and Probable Cannibal. 

And one of the classes:  

Monster Hunter
+1 Attack and +2 HP per Template 
Starting Equipment: A Ratting Piece, a Filthy Suit, Bone Harpoon, Vicious Dog 
Skills: 1) Hunter 2) Trapmaster 3) Wrestler 4) Bully 5) Escape Artist 6) Animal Handler 
A – Rat-Catcher, Notches  
B – Rattus Faber 
C – Expert on Monstrous Anatomy 
D – Bag a Legend, Willingness to Spare

Your attacks deal maximum damage to creatures with the same or less HD than you.  

Each time you attain a total of 10, 20, 30, and 50 kills with a weapon type (such as 10 kills with a dagger), you unlock a new ability for that weapon, chosen from the list below. 
Keep track of your kills and special abilities on the back of your character sheet.
  • +1 Damage
  • Expanded critical range (+1)
  • Special ability (negotiated with GM, one per weapon).
You can choose an option multiple times. 

Rattus Faber
In exchange for their life, a group of Rattus Faber (Sapient, Mechanically Inclined Rats) have agreed to come into your employment. There are five of them. Decide what identifying garment each has, which is also what name they’re known by. (E.g., Cravat, Boots, Scarf, Monocle, Socks). The Faber are chatty, sardonic, and fearless. 

The Rattus Faber can over the course of an hour: 

  • Set a trap. 
  • Demolish a wall. 
  • Scout an area. 
  • Loudly steal an object that five rats could carry. 

They will expect a Ration in return. 

Expert on Monstrous Anatomy 
Upon positively identifying a creature, you may immediately rattle off a single useful fact about it. 

Bag a Legend 
Your attacks now always deal maximum damage. 

Willingness to Spare
If a monster is the only one of its kind, you can speak its language.

(Credit to DrCuriousVII for Willingness to Spare).

Some other classes have cropped up since!!

ModronRPGs Pentecost Ape, and my Tomb Colonist!

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