Tuesday 9 February 2021

A World in 13 Items


  1. Battered black armour, wrapped in silk, inside a cuir bouilli box. 
  2. Hammer. Two small silver bells hang from it. 
  3. Iron crock-pot full of nails and tacks. 
  4. Battered keelboat, with apotropiacs painted on the outside. 
  5. Small oilskin tent. Can be set up inside a keelboat. 
  6. Whale jaw covered in scrimshaw blasphemies. 
  7. Seal-skin and wool parka. Has a multitude of names sewn into the lining. 
  8. Shard of unmelting ice. Kept inside tin flask. 
  9. Brass brazier. Covered in symbols. Unlit.
  10. Holy icon made of latten. Kept in oilskin and wicker case. 
  11. Sturdy hobnail boots. Steel toe-cap. Single silver nail on each toe, pointing forwards. 
  12. Large knife etched with a coat of arms. Kept in exquisitely embroidered sheath. Isn't sharp.
  13. A Codex of Evils and Infernals, massive and moth-bit, kept wrapped safely in two layers of oilskin and silk, within a large rosewood chest, with three locks. 

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