Saturday 13 February 2021

1d100 Tiefling Variances


For a Tiefling PC in Planescape. 

I like both the 2e → 3e and the 4e → 5e Tiefling. So i decided to combine that rad new aesthetic with the cool old variability. 

To set a baseline, here’s some traits most Tieflings share: 

  • Horns. Shape and size varies.
  • Brightly coloured skin (usually red, but any colour you wouldn’t find on a human is possible). 
  • Eyes with glowing irises and black sclerae. (See well in the dark.) 
  • Pointed or goatlike ears (i.e long and rounded). 
  • High body temperature. 
  • Resistance to fire (i.e. take [Level] less damage from any fire related damage).
  • Holy Water stings but doesn’t burn. 
  • Tieflings with particularly poor personal hygiene stink of sulfur and rotting meat.
  • Entire mouth of pointed, sharp teeth.
  • Primarily Carnivorous (have a hard time digesting greens. Like being lactose intolerant - i.e., many Tieflings still eat salads, because they’re delicious, damn the intestinal pain!) 

Most Tieflings roll 2 Variances. If they conflict, either combine them weirdly (two sets of eyes, perhaps) or re-roll. 

1d100 Variances

  1. Appearance is strangely blurry. Impossible to paint, sketch or properly describe. 
  2. Hard scales on the torso. 
  3. Third eye in the middle of the forehead. Sees weird shit. 
  4. Second pair of horns. 
  5. Maw of crocodilian fangs. Nasty bite. 
  6. Unusually long and prehensile tail. 
  7. Horse-like legs. 
  8. Insect chitin on torso or limbs. 
  9. Long, thin fingers. 
  10. Prominent furred patches on face and limbs. 
  11. Unsettlingly symmetrical face.
  12. Razor-sharp claws. 
  13. Long, batlike ears. 
  14. Clawed, lizardlike feet and digitigrade legs. 
  15. Eyes are pitch black, like pools of ink. See perfectly in the dark. 
  16. No visible Mutation: two hearts. 
  17. Feathers in place of hair. 
  18. Damp, oily skin.
  19. Foot long, prehensile tongue. (Still forked).
  20. Dry, spiny skin. 
  21. Spew clouds of smoke with every breath. 
  22. No reflection.
  23. Bony forehead plate. Fuses into horns. Good for headbutts.
  24. Double row of teeth. 
  25. Prehensile hair. 
  26. Hirsute goat legs. 
  27. Irises and pupils glow red. (Sclerae are still black). 
  28. No Mutations at all. Weird! 
  29. Chelicerae. 
  30. Scorpion’s tail. 
  31. Hard, leathery skin. 
  32. No hair. 
  33. Neck and limbs covered in small scales. 
  34. Particularly tall, somewhat disproportionate. 
  35. Patches of glowing, smoking marks on the skin, like it’s smouldering. 
  36. Jaws can unhinge like a snake’s. 
  37. Blood and spit are lightly poisonous to others. 
  38. Blood is pitch black and smokes. 
  39. Reflection is just a fiery shadow. 
  40. Spikes on each vertebra, protrude from your back.
  41. Snake-tail in place of legs. 
  42. Rotate your head 270 degrees like an owl. 
  43. Completely silent footsteps. 
  44. Shadow flickers and shifts into different shapes. 
  45. Particularly short. 
  46. Skin and flesh bulges strangely. Not fat, but something viscous. 
  47. Blood is blue and ice cold. Breathe out plumes of mist. 
  48. Eyes and mouth let off harmless flames when angry or in battle. 
  49. Distinctly large and heavy horns. 
  50. Cat-like eyes. (Sclerae are still black.) 
  51. Long, scaled tail with spines on the end. 
  52. Cynocephaly. 
  53. Eyes are glowing orbs. No sclera visible. See perfectly in the dark.
  54. Vestigial Batlike Wings.
  55. Unusually keen sense of smell. 
  56. Translucent skin on hands. 
  57. Hair is replaced by copper wires. 
  58. Cloven hooves.
  59. No Horns.  
  60. Protruding Bone Spikes on arms, legs and shoulders. 
  61. Compound Eyes. 
  62. Blotchy markings on skin. 
  63. Stink of rotting meat. 
  64. You can sense the presence of Celestials as a faint headache. 
  65. Skull-like face. No nose, prominent eye sockets, sharp cheekbones, no lips. 
  66. Always Look Malnourished.
  67. Six fingers on each hand. 
  68. Crown of small horns. 
  69. Hollow bones. Very light and fragile. 
  70. Visually appear to be rotten. 
  71. Chitinous insect legs. 
  72. Prominent tusks. 
  73. No hair. 
  74. Attract rats and insects. Always a few nearby. 
  75. Extended lifespan, not that it matters (old age claims you at about 150 years). 
  76. Hard, cracked skin. Almost like stone, but red. 
  77. One hand is a fused, chitinous claw. 
  78. Large underbite with fangs. 
  79. Albino. 
  80. Your spit is weak acid. You take no damage from your own acid. 
  81. Viscous Blood. 
  82. Uneven horns. 
  83. Hair floats as if underwater. 
  84. Full snake grows where the neck meets the shoulder. Venomous. 
  85. Constant faint cloud of smoke accompanies you. 
  86. Stink of blood. 
  87. You sweat sticky, stinging ooze. Doesn’t sting you.  
  88. Beard of sensitive tendrils. Can feel air currents. 
  89. Heavy ‘helm’ of bone plates. Fuses into horns. Mouth and eyes uncovered.  
  90. Feel no pain. 
  91. You can smell gold from hundreds of feet away. Silver stings you. 
  92. Translucent skin on cheeks and throat. 
  93. Double-jointed in all of your joints. 
  94. One arm heavily muscled, the other feeble and bony. 
  95. Plants wither at your touch. 
  96. Blood slowly metamorphoses into worms and flies once spilt. 
  97. You can sense the presence of Fiends as an uncomfortable buzzing.
  98. Second pair of feeble arms. Can’t wield weapons, can hold items. 
  99. Second Head. Has a different personality. Not an NPC, part of your PC. 
  100. Functional Batlike Wings.

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