Tuesday 2 February 2021

A Thieves' Guild - Frog Guild


By Parabolic Decree 

Level 1: Gain 2 abilities at rank 1
Level 2: Rank up an ability you have, then gain a new ability at rank 1
Level 3: Rank up 2 abilities you have
Level 4: Rank up 2 abilities you have, then gain all abilities you don't have yet at rank 1

Frog’s Guild

Starting Equipment: 2 daggers, oilskin suit, set of lockpicks, roll 2 extra random items

Skills (2, d6): 1. Acrobat, 2. Bully, 3. Swimmer, 4. Gambler, 5. Lookout, 6. Pickpocket

1. Iron Lungs
◊ - Hold your breath indefinitely with no adverse effects.
◊◊ - Hold X litres of liquid in your lungs, with no ill effects, where X is your HP.  
◊◊◊ - Take a breath so deep that you can knock people over by exhaling sharply on them.

2. Standing Leap
◊ - With no prep, you can jump your own height, vertically.
◊◊ - With a minute of prep, you can jump twice your own height, vertically.
◊◊◊ - With a minute of prep, and a small run up, you can jump four times your own height vertically.

3. Rope-With-Glue-On-It
◊ - You have a rope with glue on it. The glue has to be activated by applying another chemical, which you also have.
◊◊ - You can deftly wield two glue ropes.
◊◊◊ - You can hide a glue rope in your throat and spit it out with great force. You can hide the activating chemical in your mouth, also.
4. Poison Toad
◊ - You take half damage from any poisons.
◊◊ - You take no damage from any poisons, and your blood is a mild poison.
◊◊◊ - On death, you release a cloud of poison gas that deals 4d6 Damage to anyone standing next to your corpse.

5. Second Story Worker
◊ - You can climb vertical surfaces as quickly as you can walk.
◊◊ - Double your move speed and horizontal jump distance.
◊◊◊ - You can climb upside down as quickly as you can walk. Halve fall damage.
6. Friendly Toad
◊ - As an ally, you have a perfectly normal, immortal, invulnerable toad.
◊◊ - Your friendly invulnerable toad is now dog sized. Still just a toad.
◊◊◊ - Your friendly invulnerable toad is now horse sized.

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