Tuesday 9 February 2021

13 Items But It's Aclas This Time

 Jojiro of Dungeon Antology pointed out, with fair reasoning, that he was expecting the 13 items post to be about my main setting, Aclas. 

So uh... boom. Part 2. Why not.

Here's what's on the person of someone you might bump into in the streets of Iskadar. 

  1. Pistol. Silver hammer, break-action, alongside seven brass-cased bullets with a faint blue glow emanating from them. Wrapped in the relevant permit.
  2. Switchblade. Tortoiseshell handle. Etched symbols in the old rune set out the terms of a family agreement with a spirit. 
  3. Newspaper. Cheaply printed. Bold headlines and lithograph prints. News is mostly about polticial unrest and industrial developments. 
  4. Kitschy printed tin of Vician pine resin. Charged with magic. For chewing. 
  5. Hardened wax cylinder. Scribed into it, record-style, are the latest bardic hits, along with some fun anecdotes and skits. For putting into a specialised player. 
  6. Black sunglasses. A number of uses, and they're all the rage. Gold rims. 
  7. Train tickets. Beige card stubs, stamped with the golden sparrow symbol of the Vis Guild. 3rd Class. 
  8. Good luck charm - snake made of soapstone on a gut string. Your father's. 
  9. Syndicalist pamphlet decrying corruption in the City Senate. Cheaply printed. 
  10. Letters from home. Boring and bucolic.  
  11. Cheap wallet full of business cards and banknotes. Contains a few spell-scrolls, folded up real neat.
  12. Banknotes in an envelope addressed to home. Money's from all over.
  13. Shiny new patent leather shoes. 

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