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The Answer to All Mysteries (GLOGscape: Wizard Chassis)


Everybody knows what a Wizard is!

This is intended to be compatible with all of those amazing wizard schools we all know and love.


+1 Magic Dice per Template (including Deltas). 

Starting Skill: 1) Ciphers 2) Alchemy 3) Mathematics 4) Epic Poetry 5) Clockworking 6) Smithing

Starting Items: Per Wizard School, otherwise, Odd Hat, Odd Clothing, Spellbook, Staff or Wand or Orb, two pieces of Wizardly Ephemera (see table at Post’s End). 

A – Wizard School, Detect Magic, Translation

B – Book Casting 

C – Counterspell

D – Signature Spells OR Arcane Control


Δ - Familiar

Δ - Tower

Δ - Lichdom

Wizard Robes 

Enchanted garments. When worn, you have +1MD. 

They fill an inventory slot, and mark you very obviously as a wizard. It’s all the embroidered stars, the silver damask, the pointed headgear, that sort of thing. You don’t start with Wizard Robes. 

This works for anyone, including those of a distinctly mundane persuasion. It’s only of use if you actually know any spells to cast. 


You begin play with a Spellbook, which fills an Inventory Slot. 

In GLOGscape, Spells take up Psyche Slots. 

Much like Items can be taken from Inventory Slots and stored in chests, Spells can be taken from Psyche Slots and stored in Spellbooks. 

A Spellbook starts with enough space to hold 5 Spells. You can upgrade your Spellbook with magical paper, velvet inks, magical embellishments, and so on. 

If a Spellbook is lost, so are all the Spells stored in it. 

Replacing a Spellbook, or buying a new one, costs 50 Gold. 

With an hour of study and rote, you can transfer as many Spells into and out of your Spellbook and Psyche Slots as you wish.

You can’t cast spells from your book until you get Book Casting – they need to be in your head. 

Wizard School

A Wizard’s Spell List, Perk, Drawback, Mishaps and Dooms are all decided by their School.

Any and all GLOG Wizard schools should be compatible.  

Detect Magic

You can sense the presence and strength of magic, and can instinctively identify spells. This sense is blocked by lead, adamant and Truemetal.

You can also sense the presence of other spellcasters, and eye-contact tells you how many spellcasting dice they have (of whatever kind). 


You may convert Scrolls, and the contents of other wizards’ Spellbooks, into Spells. 

This takes 2d6 Days of Work, and must be done during downtime. You can translate one spell at a time. It immediately occupies a Psyche Slot or Spellbook Slot once translated. 

Book Casting

You can cast straight from your spellbook, or from a Scroll without burning it. 

Declare this at the start of a given round, and the Spell happens at the end of the round – it fizzles if you take any damage in that round.



You can lessen or undo the effects of a spell cast at you or your allies, by declaring you would like to Counterspell, then choosing a spell with an opposed effect - Wall of Water vs. Fireball, Alarm vs. Sleep, or Incite Anger vs. Charm Person, that sort of thing. 

If you have a Spell in your repertoire that is an effective Counterspell, then subtract your [dice]/[sum] from the [dice]/[sum] of the attacking Spell.

Signature Spells

Choose three Spells you know. When you cast them, you may choose to do so with +1MD, for free.
If you ever somehow lose these Spells, you can recreate it from memory with an hour’s work. 

Arcane Control 

When you roll MD, you may choose the number that appears on the first MD you roll. You can do this [templates] times between rests. 


Δ - Familiar

Convince an animal, minor Outsider, or other small creature to sign a Pact with you.

You become your Familiar’s patron - you can swap senses with them, or temporarily give them your Spells and MD to cast spells at range. If you give your Familiar a Spell or MD, you don’t have that Spell or MD until they use it. 

Once a Familiar uses a Spell, it goes back to one of your Psyche Slots. When they use your MD, they always expend. 

Δ - Tower

Gain sole possession of a defensible sanctum, and equip it with apprentices, a supply of reagents, expensive magical equipment, and other such stuff.

You can now perform Rituals, research Arcane Secrets, and present yourself as a Professional Wizard in Polite Society, if that floats your boat. 

You can also set up a Scrying Room, where, with a pool of water or crystal orb, you can observe faraway locales (unreliably, and by expending MD). 

Also, it makes a pretty rad base to hang out in. 

You lose this Delta if you lose your Tower. 

Δ - Lichdom 

Find a way to ignore death. This is never safe, and never easy. 

You’re immortal! Well done. Now the real wizardry begins. 

You’re now classed as Undead - immune to poison, vulnerable to positive energy, and so on. 

You can do lots of things now - like visit the Negative Energy Plane without fear, join the Society of the Enlightened Dead, and so on. 


Spellcasting follows the MD rules.

You gain two Spells from your Spell List whenever you level up, representing research and grappling with the deeper mysteries of arcana.

If you roll a duplicate spell, move up or down the list until you get a spell you haven't got yet.

Roll the following Dice:

Level 1 – The first spell on your list, and roll 1d6 for the other. 

Level 2 – 2d8

Level 3 – 2d10

Level 4 - Choose three spells from your list. 

Wizardly Ephemera

  1. A Spare Hat, which is slightly less impressive than your primary one.

  2. Monogrammed Handkerchief. Filthy, but classy. 

  3. Folding Sanctum, an overly classy name for a tent with lead-lined fabric. Keeps out most prying eyes. 

  4. A Handful of Planar Dirt. Gotta be useful for something, right? Choose or randomly determine the plane of origin. 

  5. Spellbook Case, which keeps it nice and dry in inclement conditions. 

  6. Calligraphy Set. For inscribing scrolls and sending letters. 

  7. Tarot Cards, featuring such standouts as The Lady, The City, The Spire and The Wheel. Can be used for minor divinations - roll 1d6. The closer to one the result, the worse the cards think it’ll go. 

  8. Telescoping Tea Set. Fills a single slot, contains tea, cups and self-heating-kettle for eight. 

  9. Magnifying Glass. Don’t look into portals with it! 

  10. Portal-Finder’s Pamphlet. Contains the locations of portals to three random planes. There’s a 2-in-6 chance that the portals are now gone, or were never there in the first place. 

  11. Flintlock Pistol. A light gun, for when you’re all out of spells. Comes with 20 bullets and a tiny powder-horn, for a total of two slots. 

  12. Address Book, which contains the stated addresses (probably decoys) of three Wizard Pen Pals, who you could write to in a pinch (or just to check in). 

  13. A Case of Dispaterian Cigars, which stink of hellfire for everyone but the smoker, who feels pleasant megalomania while smoking them. 

  14. Statuette of a Horse. Was, at one point, a Figurine of Power, but one of the legs broke off. It would be immoral to actually activate the poor thing. 

  15. Bastard Cat. Not all cats are bastards, that’s a mean stereotype. This one, however, very much is. Takes up two slots if you have to carry it. 

  16. Three Part Folding Wand. Newfangled! Contains 1MD and a random spell, but if you roll 6 when using it, the wand fucking explodes. 

  17. Chunk of Spirestone. A slot of chalky grey stone. Can’t be affected by magic. Good for chucking at other wizards’ heads, or as a paperweight. 

  18. 3d6 Coins from Various Planes. A mix of Hellmarks, Sigillite Crowns, Gehennan Stingers, Heavenly Merts, and a bunch of random Prime-World garbage. Only worth 3d6 in Sigil, probably worth 1d6 anywhere else. 

  19. Notebook of Observations. Can store a single spell, as per a tiny spellbook. Contains observations surrounding a wizardly obsession, useless to anyone else. 

  20. A Curio!

    1. Gold Chain, covered in Terran runes. The bearer of this chain is entitled to be rescued by Earth Elementals, for free, from any one cave-in or unwilling burial. 

    2. Declaration of Angelum, the legal status of being an Angel. Works great with the Heavenly Bureaucracy, who, if presented with this document, will be forced to acknowledge you as a minor Deva. 

    3. Half-Bottle of Burning Rye, boiled up by Night Hags in the farthest edge of Krangath. Makes you immune to the effects of cold, very drunk, and also flammable, until you sleep it off. 

    4. A Gold Crown, specifically, the crown of a tiny Prime-Material kingdom. That was a wild night. 

    5. Rilmanic Dagger, perfectly balanced light weapon, to the extent that the principle carries over to the wielder - they can’t be knocked over or otherwise lose their footing. 

    6. Empty Soul Jar, perhaps previously occupied by a Lich. You’ve got no damn clue how to get a soul into it, but it could definitely hold one…  

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