Wednesday 1 May 2024

Brass Grimoire

Cogs - Summon [sum] gears, arranged in any way you choose so long as they are interlocking. Gears can be up to [dice] feet across and can be connected by a total of [dice]+1 shafts or pins. Attaching a gear to something producing rotational force turns the whole arrangement. 

Machine Pieces - Summon [sum] pieces of broken machinery, each [dice] slots big, anywhere you can see within 60’. It is believed this spell once summoned functional machines. 

Aerodyne - Summon a strange winged device with [sum] inventory slots and [dice] seats. It is constructed from brass, canvas and balsa wood. If provided a 100ft piece of flat ground, it can run up and take flight, unless overloaded - it requires the same for landing. The Aerodyne moves at about 80mph and handles strong winds poorly. Nobody alive remembers how to repair or even dismantle the complex clockwork engines of these devices. If you break three Aerodynes, this spell no longer functions - apparently, you are put on the blacklist of whoever is sending them out. 

Machine Gremlins - Conjure [sum] tiny mechanical assholes that run around messing with machinery, ripping paper, farting little clouds of coal dust and insulting people in the language which they think in. They have 1HP and, if killed, explode in a cloud of shrapnel for 1d6 damage to the surroundings, save to negate. 

Coronation Decision Machine - Summon a towering machine with a brass keyboard and a “screen” made of engraved overlapping wheels. The machine picks the better of two candidates for rule based on [dice] qualifiers you plug into the machine, such as “ability to deal with the giant spider infestation” or “projected ≤3 heirs” or “highest fighter level”. This can also be used to pick the better of two candidates for anything, if a qualifier is set as, for example, “best qualified to run a bakery”.

Maintenance Mode - For [sum]*10 minutes you are invisible to mechanical devices and creatures. Your skin takes on a pearly blue sheen. Traps you trigger don’t fire, and constructs can’t perceive you.

Call the Clockmaker - With a metallic clang and a cloud of red smoke, you conjure up a 20HD construct made of gleaming brass and silvery gears. It resembles a giant brass man with a fanciful moustache and leetle round spectacles. It has 30 Strength or your system’s equivalent, and has 18AC. It is a supernaturally skilled mechanic and much lighter and more agile than it looks. However, it only ever fights in self defence. It rolls reaction with a [dice] bonus. If it rolls a “hostile” result (2-4), it charges off to start fixing the locality. Otherwise, it will listen to your requests - if the reaction roll was 10 or higher, it’ll even consider fulfilling them for free. 

Imperial Candles - You conjure [dice + highest] sticks of black dynamite, capped with little mechanical devices you can use to light the dynamite’s fuse with a thought. You can set the delay between activation and detonation for up to [sum] rounds. Dynamite does 1d6 damage per stick, with +6 damage per stick if used in an enclosed space (such as a dungeon room). 

Summon Rust Monsters - Summon [sum] 1HD rust monsters. They are each silly little guys who can each consume up to a cubic metre of metal before dozing off with a full stomach. If [sum] is 20 or over, you can choose instead to summon a single rust dragon, the extremely rare imago form of the common dungeon pest. It has 20HD, flies with a horrifying buzz, and can eat however much metal it

feels like. It breathes acid, hence “dragon” - and has a stinger-tail. It’s also sapient, hungry and cunning. 

Antifire Sludge - Summon [sum] cubic feet of a grey-brown, freezing-cold and totally non-flammable sludge that slowly slithers towards active fires and smothers them out. The sludge smells terrible. The cubic feet can be anywhere in your line of sight and need not be contiguous. The sludge dries to a brittle mass that cracks into brown carcinogenic powder. 

Disassemble - Target object is disassembled into its constituent parts, or into [dice]+2 pieces if its constituents are not clearly distinct. If it is intended to be disassemblable, it reassembles after [sum] minutes. Otherwise, it is broken. 

Water to Oil - Turn [sum] litres of water into clear, flammable mineral oil. 

Dead Man’s Switch - Summon a device which will send a magical, electrical or mechanical signal if you die. The spell is active for [sum] days, then the Switch vanishes without sending the signal. It can detect your death at any distance on any plane of existence. 

Windmills - With a 10 minute ritual, summon a clockwork windmill on a marked spot. It’s 10ft around the base, 20ft tall, and anchors into any solid surface. A windmill converts the force of the wind into mechanical force. Comes with a wide variety of gears to interface with a wide variety of machines. Windmills are permanent once summoned, though a given caster can only support up to [level] windmills at once. If trying to go over the limit, the oldest windmill rusts and collapses overnight. 

Brass Cross Sword - Summon an impressive +[dice] magical heavy greatsword, with a gigantic metallic crossguard. The sword is covered in moving gears of no apparent purpose, which would allow it to interface with a larger machine. 

Fraction of the Heavenly Spear - Summon [dice] sixths of the sky-scraper-height flying weapon once called the Heavenly Spear. The sixths float overhead, disobeying gravity and surrounded by a magnetic storm cloud. This spell used to summon the whole thing, but someone broke it. You’d need a very good mechanic and 100,000g worth of components to repair it. If you did, you would have access to an electrical flying fortress with an on-board lighting cannon WMD - then all that would be left is figuring out how to fire it.  

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  1. This is an incredible spellbook! The Brass Grimoire offers a fascinating array of summoning spells with a unique mechanical twist. From conjuring interlocking gears with "Cogs" to summoning a formidable 20HD construct with "Call the Clockmaker," each spell is creative and evocative. I particularly love the quirky "Machine Gremlins" and the practical utility of "Maintenance Mode." The blend of steampunk aesthetics and magical functionality makes this grimoire a joy to read and imagine using in a game. The spells are varied and provide both utility and fun, ensuring every casting is an adventure. Highly recommend for anyone looking to add a mechanical flavor to their magical repertoire!